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Thursday, June 24, 2004

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Monday, June 21, 2004

This is a basic introduction regularly updated to the Librarian's blogs Librarians index Librarian's blogs.

We've found the only fair way to list librarian's blogs and personal homepages is to use an alphabetic arrangement. That avoids the trap of the social popularity contest. We strive to be the most open listing index of librarians which is open to absolutely everyone. Anyone can list their librarian's blog or personal homepage in our index using the comment feature. By way of reciprocity the only thing we ask of our users is to provide a link anywhere on your homepage to our index, so that we may facilitate the other librarians homepages being listed. For which your cooperation is appreciated.

Index: A to C

Ackerman Mark Personal Homepage of library school prof. There are lots of useful links here.
Allen, Jimmy
American Library Turf War Blog.
Allen Jimmy Librarian marketing activist. Business Reference Librarian.
Altson, Roger's Library Page Roger is looking for work and asks that if anyone has any vacancies to please send it to him.
Anders Jacobsen's Blog, librarians googling for you. Cool!
Anderson, Jaime - This librarian has a online journal and photo resourses.
The Aardvark Speaks Austrian blog in the English language.
Austrian Library School Page This Austrian library school's web page offers numerous links primarily in German, but also some in English, which are highly relevant to library science. It links to library journals, library mailing lists, librarian blogs internationally. Provides information for catalogers, reference service listings to name but a few. And it contains links to numerous library schools on Continental Europe. In short it is a valuable resource.
A Baby Librarian's Blog
Jan Badcock's homepage Flinder's University Library, Australia.
Bad Girl Librarian
Ballard, Terry - Some interesting writings and web projects.
Barbarian Librarian This is a fun site. Check it out!
Barnett, Andy - Collection of some humorous and other useful articles.
Batgirl was a Librarian Lots of cool library links.
BBC Motion Picture Gallery This may be the best motion picture site on the Internet today. (Very cool site).
Beer, Sue - This gives research access in Scotland.
Bell, Colleen - A Web design-savvy librarian. (Great infomation resourse.)
The Bellydancing Librarian The name says it all. Also some links.
BiblioAcid French language Library blog.
BiblioBlog This librarian is looking for work, if you can help please email them.
Bibliohuh? A new librarian's diary
Bibliopolis Newsletter Bibliopolis News Newsletter for and of the students of the Arena Guilty Internet Panta.
Bibliothekarin (In German language)
Bibliothek German and English Library Weblog Information (in English and German).
Big time German library humor (In German language)
Biker Librarian Interesting website, blog and other cool stuff.
Billington, James H. - Washington, D.C.: 13th Librarian of Congress. Biographical information.
Block, Marylaine -The librarian and writer behind "Ex Libris".
Blogbib An annotated bibliography on weblogs & blogging.
Blogwithoutalibrary A blog about what libraries are doing with blogs.
Bodybuilding Librarian Training with Deb Colchamiro.
Boostrom, Todd UCLA graduate's work on technology and library information science.
Borgman, Christine Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies. This homepage has lots of very interesting and useful links.
This a very cool page.
Bradley, Fiona - Australian librarian with a fondness for twee pop.
Bradley, Phil - A librarian whose Web site helps other librarians search and make sense of the Internet.
'brary blog Bookish stuff from your friendly neighborhood nerdy law librarian.
The Bryant Library, BLTeens Blog is written primarily for teens in Roslyn, N.Y., but may be of interest and/or entertaining for others as well.
Butt Kicking Librarians! Click here to see the butt kickers.
Carlyle, Allyson - Assistant Professor at the University of Washington's Information School.
CatalogablogLibrary cataloging, classification, metadata, subject access and related topics.
Caveman Librarian Humor
Charlotte Ames Welcome to Charlotte's Web.
Chroniques Anterieures French Language website.
Clara ChuLibrary school
Associate Professor. A internationa perspective on the profession.
Clyde, L. Anne - University of Iceland homepage for Faculty of Social Science Professor in Library and Information Science. Includes courses taught, C.V., presentations and publications.
Cogburn, Derrick L. Personal Homepage of a library school Prof. (This site is both in English and Spanish)
Colchamiro, Debra - The Bodybuilding Librarian. The story of a how a librarian took up weight-training and a general fitness program.
Conan the Librarian Go on one of his adventures. He loves information--in books, in newspapers, and on the Internet.
Confessions of a Science Librarian This weblog (by John Dupuis) features links and pointers to information of interest to academic science librarians.
Coyle, Karen Karen Coyle's writings on the challenges libraries face in the age of digital communication, including censorship and intellectual property issues.
Crawford, Walt Senior Analyst for Research Libraries Group and author of 13 books.
The Creative Librarian Cool website.
Credaro, Amanda The creator of Warrior Librarian.

Index: D to G

Nettie Day, Student Librarian, Canada. (A fun site)
Decaf Librarian Good living a caffeine free life.
DeCandido, GraceAnne The Lady hawk. Feminist and she offers information and strong opinions. Passionate reader, writer, editor, and reviewer.
Devadason, F. J. Little Library for Librarians. This website has things of interest to Librarians and Information Professionals. There are links to the author's papers and library websites.
Dewey Decimal, Canadian.(Inspired by Richard Scarry's What do people do all day?)
Dickstein, Ruth Ruth Dickstein, Social Sciences Librarian
Main Library, University of Arizona. This website has their employment history, their education, as well as their publications.
Digital Librarian Maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson.
Resource for Libraries and People with Disabilities This website has a large number of links to assist library managers in library administration for people with disabilities. This is a useful resource.
Donna's Home Page I am a System's Librarian.
Miss N. Drew's Journal A personal weblog.
Dunneback, Katie Some infomation and a personal website about someone who hopes to be an author/librarian. Nice website.
Eclectic Librarian. Net A weblog, along with some other interesting stuff.
Eclectic Librarian A goal to change the stereotype of professional librarians. Lots of cool links to check out.
Elmhurst College Library Created by Ayanna Gaines, Assistant Reference Librarian. Maintained by the Librarians at Elmhurst College.
Englib EngLib is a way for me to pass along information of interest to Engineering and Applied Science librarians.
Epistolary Librarian Blogs.
The Flaky Librarian A personal website of a reference librarian at the University of Southern California. Along with some links.
Frassle A Dutch library blog published in English.
The French Library of OceanographyFrench language website.
German Language Library Informational Resource
Gilliland Anne J. Associate Professor,information studies and moving Image Archive Studies.
Glamour Librarian Garofalo, Denise A. The name says it all. 'Let's face it, "they" pay attention to us out there, whether it be at the reference desk, at circulation or even as we take books from the shelves. We 'are' the end all and be all of the information world. Consequently, it is time to better assert ourselves on every level - even how WE look!'
Goodvin, Renee Personal website of a blonde librarian. Information and Exploring. Also has her autobiography, among other things to check out. Nice website.
Griffiths, Peter Web services and infomation science text-books by librarian Peter Griffiths and co-author Sheila Pantry. Also some links.
Ben Gross, Homepage.

Index: H to N

Haines, Anne A personal website. Currently, she is a part-time MLS student at Indiana University, in Bloomington.
Handheldlib Librarians sharing news and information working with handheld computer technology.
Handy Sites for Librarians Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library.
Hawkins, Kevin Homepage.
Hay, Lyn Lecturer in Teacher Librarianship, Charles Sturt University, in Australia. This website has some of her research interests, and other things.
Heather and Patrick Library & Librarian Links.This is a collection of library and librarian webpages. Some we visit often, others, are just listed for future. We do not personally know any of the librarians that make these webpages, we hope that their webpages are good ones!
Hetherington, Cynthia The Virtual Librarian. 'Turn off the TV. Volunteer your services. Support your local library!
It doesn't take much to be someone's hero. Opinions about librarianship in the infomation age.
Hip LibrarianThe Hip Librarian has chosen a lot web links about books and other important matters that she thinks you should know.
Hipster Librarian A weblog about being high school librarian, working with kids, teachers, and trying to stay hip and up-to-date.
Hood, Dave
This website is by a librarian, named Dave Hood. Website has links and resources covering many areas of professional practice. Including marketing resources for infomation professionals (especially librarians).
Indie Rock Librarian A librarian's love of music and personal weblog.
Information Literacy Sharing Weblog from Sheffield, UK.
The Integrated Library and Information Studies Laboratory Blog at the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto
International Exchange The blog is both in English and German languages.A Compendium of Anglo-German acquisitions terminology is a product of an on going exchange programme between Bochum and Exeter University Libraries.
Invisible Library The Blog of a Radical Librarian, in which there is no shushing.
Jersey Clicks New Jersey state residents can search full text magazines, journals and encyclopedias.
The Jersey Exile A Librarian-in-Training.
Just What Does a Librarian Do? In excruciating detail.
Kennedy, Shirl
Uncaged Librarian's Website. Articles, resume and other interesting things. Also has links on baseball (games).
Kilted Librarian On Call Just your basic long haired, tattooed freak telling you where to find. (By Jim the Kilted Librarian).
Kitabkhana Blog "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library"--Jorge Luis Borges.
Koepfler, Laura Lauralounge. A website and weblog. Has lots of links. Her short autobiography. As well as an essay about the library profession.
Joyce Latham, Homepage.
Laughing Librarian Funny stuff to read and enjoy.
Lawley, Elizabeth Lane Assistant Professor of the Department of Information Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. Contains her contact infomation, weblog, web links and current schedule.
Leah's Law Library Weblog Lots of intellectual content. Lots of useful links.
The Leather Librarian It's time to get tough! Stop dreaming and become the librarian you've always wanted to be!
LeGrow, Lynne
Provides many links on libraries, online library tools, cataloguing & reference tools. This website should be useful.

Le Livre Electronique
French language website.
Leon, Hilary - Crafty Librarian Nice web site with lots of infomation and links to higher education-oriented publishers. Resume and contact infomation.
Leonard, John Personal website.'Working as a reference librarian, he concentrates on the quality and usefulness of information, and how it evolves into knowledge.' Along with other interesting articles to read and some funny stuff like 'continuing to disprove the theory that millions of monkeys banging on keyboards will produce the works of Shakespeare.' Check out some of the links.
Liberry Blooze
Librarian Avengers Who are the Librarian Avengers and what is it that they want? Click on the link to find out!
The Librarian A cool librarian (German language)
Librarian's Blog View from a Librarian.
How to Speak Librarianese An index of librarian abbreviations and jargon defined in plain English.
Librarian Way Connections for Librarians.
Librarians Without Borders A blog regarding librarians, librarymanship, librarianship, bibliography, bibliophiles, book lovers, men of letters, women of letters, persons of letters, letterhood, taxonomists, vocabulary controllers, linguists, ontologists, semanticists, wordsmiths, alphebetizers, catalogers, cataloguers (non-US), readers and stackers.
Library Chicks of the World UniteNice website. Come on over and check it out!
Library Juice It's a weekly online magazine for librarians, library and information science students, and other stuff. Interesting articles and links.
Libraryman Personal weblog, stories, resources and links.
The Library Project Includes the weblog Fishmonger, web versions of their book related projects, and graphics projects. Other neat stuff to check out.
Library Support Staff Humor for Library Employees.
Library Stories Blog Libraries and Librarians in the News.
Library Weblogs This is by far one of the very best library weblogs on the internet. It's very comprehensive and very well maintained.
Library Lil Stalking the Stacks with Library Lil.
Library Lovers' Live Journal
LibTech Weblog Life as a one man IT Dept @ a small public library.
Linnea's Liblog Information wants to be organized.
Lipstick Librarian A personal website. She's bold, sassy and helpful.
David Little Web development resources. (UK site)
Litwin, Rory Personal website of the maker of Library Juice. Cool!
Longley, Dan A reference librarian's website 'Life as an Information Hunter and Gatherer'. Has links to library and information science. Resume and links.
Loopy Librarian Chartership Junk & other stuff as it all crops up. AKA music, mayhem and a bit of librarianship. (Site from the UK)
Lorenzen, Michael Personal website of Head of Reference Services, Central Michigan University a listing with links to his papers. Other stuff to look at as well.
Bibliothécaire De Louche (French Language)
Luddite Librarian A library blog devoted to ridiculing library blogs and other worthless library-related technology and navel-gazing!
Louis-Jacques, Lyonette U of Chicago law librarian & legal lecturer who likes to drink Diet Coke.
Marginal Librarian A website to exchange ideas, both serious and not, share points of view, discussion forum, and hopefully have a little fun doing it!
Massey, Owen London-based librarian offers his thoughts on the profession, and a personal list of things he's interested in.
Matthew, Davis Personal website.
McGuire, Claire A librarian who has their resume on their website and an overview of book history. 'The History of the Book'.
Melodie's Homepage Librarian's Personal Homepage.
Milbury, Peter A school librarian and a teacher. He's a technology mentor too. Also, listings of school librarian websites that might be worth checking out.
Modified Librarian Interesting website. A non-stereotypical study of the art and practice of body modification (i.e. Librarians with tattoos, body piercings, and along with their stories) and how it relates to librarians and librarianship as a profession. Also has some links check it out.
Christine Moore Flinder's University Library, Australia.
Morales, Micaela Assistant Librarian, Library Information Systems Team. At University of Arizona Library. Has her education and employment infomation. Links.
Mount Allison University Libraries, Canada. Library Blog: Stuff librarians think is useful, interesting, or just fun to know
Mylibrarian.com John Iliff and Julie Moore's home page, featuring a librarianship awareness quiz, a tour of the web site and humor for librarians.
The Naughty Librarian What lurks in those eyes behind those glasses?
Neo-Traditional Librarian Libraries have changed, but the most important things about them have not.
netbib.de Netbib is a successful effort of 8 librarians. It is both thoughtful and very well written and coordinated, and they send our readers their greetings from Germany. (German language site) We thank them for their post and hope they will keep us updated on developments on their important site and other important websites in Germany.
NHS eLibraries Digital Libraries in the NHS (UK site)
Nichole's Blog The weblog of one librarian-in-waiting in Madison, Wisconsin.
Norwegian Librarian Website in Norwegian and English both.
November, Sharyn Children's literature-related links presented by a librarian and children's book editor. Fun website to check out.

Index: O to S

Oldenkamp, David Both a personal and professional web site along with his resume and interesting articles to read. Other stuff to check out as well.
Olson, Hope A. Librarian and teacher. Professor and Graduate Coordinator, School of Library and Information Studies and University of Alberta
Editor-in-Chief, Knowledge Organization.
Open Stacks Promoting information access and literacy for all.
Ostrowsky, Ben Interesting images, Weblogs, and Political Links. Some cool stuff to check out.
Susan Paurelle's web page Some useful general links. (UK site)
Pernicious Librarian
Practical Librarian
Prillinger, Horst See the world through the eyes of an Austrian librarian. Check out the weblog.
Progressive Librarian and Progressive Librarians Around the World Check this out!
Rabid Librarian's Ravings in the Wind
Radical Librarian A cool list of radical librarians.
Ref Grunt Interesting Librarian opinions.
Reinvented Discussions about Librarians.
Renegade Librarian
Reinford, Wanda Reference Librarian's website. Remember to bring your library sense of humor along for the ride! Check out some of the links while you're there.
The Researching Librarian (Web resources helpful for librarians doing research)
Resources SEO Resources.
Revolting Librarians
Order it here.
Riley, Eric Life of Riley. An interesting collection literature, links and book reviews of a UW graduate student. Might be fun to check out.
Rogue Librarian
Ryan, Sara Librarian's personal weblog. Along with links.
Library Rakehell column on Bookslut
The SciTech Library Question Occasional postings about issues and concerns of interest (but not restricted to) engineering and scitech librarians.
Sensible Shoe Librarian My take on the world of information and the information of the world.
Sex and the Library Detailing the glamour, fashion, and humor of the public library.
Shacklett, Tod Tod's Bookmarks, his personal website. Along with résumés and other stuff.
Sibley, Brenda P. Brenda Parris Sibley, M.L.I.S. Technical Services/Reference Librarian Calhoun Community College, Decatur, Alabama. C.V. website, his Professional experience and education.
His publications, community service, and awards.
Ska LibrarianA fun website to check out. Dan, the ska librarian. 'Yes, I do listen to other forms of music, as well. Just like I don't spend 24 hours a day in the library.' he said. Website has links as well.
Smith, Brian L. - Librarism.com. The Laughing Librarian's libraristic links and other projects.
Spence-Wilcox, Sharon Jamaica-born librarian in Seattle.
Spinster Librarian I'm a library science student who also runs a small library in a residence hall.
Spooky Librarians Things that make life great, includes blog as well.
Stanger, Keith Resources on information discovery by 'Library Guy' at Eastern Michigan University. Cool stuff to check out!
Street Librarian
Struck, James A list of the academic background and articles of a reference librarian at Roosevelt University.
Stuhlman, Daniel - Librarian's Lobby. Chicago-based librarian's writings for Chicago Rabbinical Council's "News and Views = Hadashot".
Tami Sutcliffe's web page This is a cool page with lots of great links.
Sutherland, Laura A New York librarian's Weblog.

Index: T to Z

Tame the Web The Tame the Web Blog is written by Michael Stephens, a librarian, technology trainer and author living in Northern Indiana.
Travelin Librarian Blog
Twining, Joanne - Information technology, communication, and education website. Along her point of view of librarianship.
Jessica Tyndall Flinder's University Library, Australia.
Utah and National Library News State Library Division.
Wein, Terren Ilana Director for library & information services at The University of Chicago's Career & Placement Services. Along with photos.
The Well Dressed Librarian Blog MLIS student takes on the world of Corporate libraries.
What Librarians are Reading Reading Lists and Recommendations.
Morgan Wilson I'm a law librarian - reference and web and systems.
Robert Wittorf's Home Page
Young, Courtney Her Journal, life being a librarian. Along with other things to check out.
A young librarians diary Young librarian is looking for work. This makes a good read check it out.
Zammarelli, Chris Website of a librarian from Chicago. Interesting read; Librarians Are Corrupting Kids along with some other articles.