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Monday, June 21, 2004

Index: A to C

Ackerman Mark Personal Homepage of library school prof. There are lots of useful links here.
Allen, Jimmy
American Library Turf War Blog.
Allen Jimmy Librarian marketing activist. Business Reference Librarian.
Altson, Roger's Library Page Roger is looking for work and asks that if anyone has any vacancies to please send it to him.
Anders Jacobsen's Blog, librarians googling for you. Cool!
Anderson, Jaime - This librarian has a online journal and photo resourses.
The Aardvark Speaks Austrian blog in the English language.
Austrian Library School Page This Austrian library school's web page offers numerous links primarily in German, but also some in English, which are highly relevant to library science. It links to library journals, library mailing lists, librarian blogs internationally. Provides information for catalogers, reference service listings to name but a few. And it contains links to numerous library schools on Continental Europe. In short it is a valuable resource.
A Baby Librarian's Blog
Jan Badcock's homepage Flinder's University Library, Australia.
Bad Girl Librarian
Ballard, Terry - Some interesting writings and web projects.
Barbarian Librarian This is a fun site. Check it out!
Barnett, Andy - Collection of some humorous and other useful articles.
Batgirl was a Librarian Lots of cool library links.
BBC Motion Picture Gallery This may be the best motion picture site on the Internet today. (Very cool site).
Beer, Sue - This gives research access in Scotland.
Bell, Colleen - A Web design-savvy librarian. (Great infomation resourse.)
The Bellydancing Librarian The name says it all. Also some links.
BiblioAcid French language Library blog.
BiblioBlog This librarian is looking for work, if you can help please email them.
Bibliohuh? A new librarian's diary
Bibliopolis Newsletter Bibliopolis News Newsletter for and of the students of the Arena Guilty Internet Panta.
Bibliothekarin (In German language)
Bibliothek German and English Library Weblog Information (in English and German).
Big time German library humor (In German language)
Biker Librarian Interesting website, blog and other cool stuff.
Billington, James H. - Washington, D.C.: 13th Librarian of Congress. Biographical information.
Block, Marylaine -The librarian and writer behind "Ex Libris".
Blogbib An annotated bibliography on weblogs & blogging.
Blogwithoutalibrary A blog about what libraries are doing with blogs.
Bodybuilding Librarian Training with Deb Colchamiro.
Boostrom, Todd UCLA graduate's work on technology and library information science.
Borgman, Christine Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies. This homepage has lots of very interesting and useful links.
This a very cool page.
Bradley, Fiona - Australian librarian with a fondness for twee pop.
Bradley, Phil - A librarian whose Web site helps other librarians search and make sense of the Internet.
'brary blog Bookish stuff from your friendly neighborhood nerdy law librarian.
The Bryant Library, BLTeens Blog is written primarily for teens in Roslyn, N.Y., but may be of interest and/or entertaining for others as well.
Butt Kicking Librarians! Click here to see the butt kickers.
Carlyle, Allyson - Assistant Professor at the University of Washington's Information School.
CatalogablogLibrary cataloging, classification, metadata, subject access and related topics.
Caveman Librarian Humor
Charlotte Ames Welcome to Charlotte's Web.
Chroniques Anterieures French Language website.
Clara ChuLibrary school
Associate Professor. A internationa perspective on the profession.
Clyde, L. Anne - University of Iceland homepage for Faculty of Social Science Professor in Library and Information Science. Includes courses taught, C.V., presentations and publications.
Cogburn, Derrick L. Personal Homepage of a library school Prof. (This site is both in English and Spanish)
Colchamiro, Debra - The Bodybuilding Librarian. The story of a how a librarian took up weight-training and a general fitness program.
Conan the Librarian Go on one of his adventures. He loves information--in books, in newspapers, and on the Internet.
Confessions of a Science Librarian This weblog (by John Dupuis) features links and pointers to information of interest to academic science librarians.
Coyle, Karen Karen Coyle's writings on the challenges libraries face in the age of digital communication, including censorship and intellectual property issues.
Crawford, Walt Senior Analyst for Research Libraries Group and author of 13 books.
The Creative Librarian Cool website.
Credaro, Amanda The creator of Warrior Librarian.


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