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Monday, June 21, 2004

Index: T to Z

Tame the Web The Tame the Web Blog is written by Michael Stephens, a librarian, technology trainer and author living in Northern Indiana.
Travelin Librarian Blog
Twining, Joanne - Information technology, communication, and education website. Along her point of view of librarianship.
Jessica Tyndall Flinder's University Library, Australia.
Utah and National Library News State Library Division.
Wein, Terren Ilana Director for library & information services at The University of Chicago's Career & Placement Services. Along with photos.
The Well Dressed Librarian Blog MLIS student takes on the world of Corporate libraries.
What Librarians are Reading Reading Lists and Recommendations.
Morgan Wilson I'm a law librarian - reference and web and systems.
Robert Wittorf's Home Page
Young, Courtney Her Journal, life being a librarian. Along with other things to check out.
A young librarians diary Young librarian is looking for work. This makes a good read check it out.
Zammarelli, Chris Website of a librarian from Chicago. Interesting read; Librarians Are Corrupting Kids along with some other articles.


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