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Monday, June 21, 2004

Index: D to G

Nettie Day, Student Librarian, Canada. (A fun site)
Decaf Librarian Good living a caffeine free life.
DeCandido, GraceAnne The Lady hawk. Feminist and she offers information and strong opinions. Passionate reader, writer, editor, and reviewer.
Devadason, F. J. Little Library for Librarians. This website has things of interest to Librarians and Information Professionals. There are links to the author's papers and library websites.
Dewey Decimal, Canadian.(Inspired by Richard Scarry's What do people do all day?)
Dickstein, Ruth Ruth Dickstein, Social Sciences Librarian
Main Library, University of Arizona. This website has their employment history, their education, as well as their publications.
Digital Librarian Maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson.
Resource for Libraries and People with Disabilities This website has a large number of links to assist library managers in library administration for people with disabilities. This is a useful resource.
Donna's Home Page I am a System's Librarian.
Miss N. Drew's Journal A personal weblog.
Dunneback, Katie Some infomation and a personal website about someone who hopes to be an author/librarian. Nice website.
Eclectic Librarian. Net A weblog, along with some other interesting stuff.
Eclectic Librarian A goal to change the stereotype of professional librarians. Lots of cool links to check out.
Elmhurst College Library Created by Ayanna Gaines, Assistant Reference Librarian. Maintained by the Librarians at Elmhurst College.
Englib EngLib is a way for me to pass along information of interest to Engineering and Applied Science librarians.
Epistolary Librarian Blogs.
The Flaky Librarian A personal website of a reference librarian at the University of Southern California. Along with some links.
Frassle A Dutch library blog published in English.
The French Library of OceanographyFrench language website.
German Language Library Informational Resource
Gilliland Anne J. Associate Professor,information studies and moving Image Archive Studies.
Glamour Librarian Garofalo, Denise A. The name says it all. 'Let's face it, "they" pay attention to us out there, whether it be at the reference desk, at circulation or even as we take books from the shelves. We 'are' the end all and be all of the information world. Consequently, it is time to better assert ourselves on every level - even how WE look!'
Goodvin, Renee Personal website of a blonde librarian. Information and Exploring. Also has her autobiography, among other things to check out. Nice website.
Griffiths, Peter Web services and infomation science text-books by librarian Peter Griffiths and co-author Sheila Pantry. Also some links.
Ben Gross, Homepage.


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